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Who Am I?

A photographer, an app creator, a traveler, a dog lover, a nature lover, a music fan... The list is truly long but here are a few highlights: Music is like a magic potion to me, it can change my mood nearly instantaneously and practically levitate me with the right beat. That first scent of a place I've never been in before stays with me forever and can conjure up images of it like paintings in my mind. (Too bad I am not a painter.) Peering out of the window of a plane still amazes me and reminds me of how crazy lucky I am to have seen the world from that perspective hundreds of times.

What is my photographic philosophy?

Evolving. Photography itself is always evolving so I reserve the right to shift my view on technical and some artistic points. Generally, I am a realist with an eye for the dramatic. I love color. I am fascinated by macro photography and the amazing world of tiny things with incredible textures and patterns. I love equally the pulse of a bustling city and the serenity of being alone on a quiet beach. The planet never bores me.  I enjoy photographing all of it. Yes, the rule is to specialize, but with so many options that was a challenge. I'm definitely drawn to landscapes the most. Photoshop and Lightroom are essential tools to enhance my images to the vision that I remember seeing on that day. However, I don't consider myself an artist. I don't draw or paint or add anything to my images (unless marked as photographic art) - and every nature image (which most of mine are) is very true to what I saw and captured. 

You can also find me on Facebook. and Instagram. but I rarely post there these days. I miss Google+ and the incredible photography community that formed there. 

Prints of selected work are available for purchase online at FAA,

Please contact me with any questions via the contact form.

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