What to expect for your home photo shoot:

The size and complexity of your home will determine how long the shoot takes. Typically it will take between one and three hours. The majority of the time I spend on your home photos will be in processing them back at the office. In order to have a smooth and efficient photo shoot, please go through the following checklist thoroughly and contact me or your agent with any questions or concerns at least one day before the shoot is scheduled.

Photos will be taken of all major rooms in the home. This includes living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, office rooms, workout rooms, entertainment rooms, etc. Unfinished basements, garages, closets and other utility rooms usually will not be photographed unless specifically requested. Specialty features, both indoor and outdoor, that you would like photographed will be included at your request. Outdoor features such as a pool, hot tub, tennis court or waterfall display will be included in the exterior shoot. Keep these notes in mind as you go through the checklist.

Please clean and organize the spaces that will be photographed:


All lights are working – every bulb is good 
Vacuum all carpets
Clean all hard floors
Dust thoroughly
Remove magazines, newspapers and other paperwork
Empty all trash, hide unattractive trash cans
Remove clutter, remote controls, pens, dvds, etc.
Pick up all toys
Clean glass surfaces and windows
Open all drapes, blinds and shades
Turn off all electronics – tvs, computers, etc.
Clean kitchen appliances – especially if stainless steel
Clear all dishes, towels, cleaning supplies, soaps, lotions, etc. 
Remove family photos – reasonable standard here – hanging on walls may be ok, tabletops no
Make beds neatly
Furniture should be neatly organized, i.e. dining table chairs equidistant from table etc.
Clean bathrooms, hang matching towels, shut toilet lids


All lights are working – every bulb is good 
Mow lawns, trim edges, rake leaves
Keep pets out of view (I am very pet friendly – no need to remove them from the home)
Pool should be clean of dirt and clutter and all lights turned on
Trim bushes and remove weeds, especially around walkways
Make sure all tools and trash are stored in garage 
Driveway and walkways should be clean
Empty planters or pots should be filled or removed
Grill should be cleaned and uncovered
Close garage and park all vehicles off-site


Phone: 303-818-5308

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